Late Nite Stars LA 3 Video

For Issue 5, we interviewed the Late Nite Stars Crew before and after their recent filming trip to LA. We also surprised them with the cover placement, a rooftop ollie by Nico, shot from below by Patrick. This past Saturday, we all celebrated the release of the new issue, and their cover story. Last night, we joined them in Ridgwood's Evergreen Park for an impromptu screening of not one, but two (2!) new video drops. This video is what came out of that trip to LA. Read about it in issue 5, peep the photos, imagine the fun times, and watch the video -- in short, wish you were out skating with the LNS crew. 

As big fans of the LNS guys' skating, videos, and personalities, we were honored to get to talk to them, and insert ourselves into their crew dynamic for a few days. We are equally excited to share with you one of those two latest filmic offerings, LA 3. Enjoy!!!!


-The Editors

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